GRIT Plyo & CXWorx

DOMS_CartoonHave you ever noticed how you come across something for the first time and then within days the same thing crops up in several Facebook/Instagram posts? Is it that you never noticed it before and now do, or is it something newish that is gaining traction, possibly as a direct result of new year’s resolutions? Who knows? So it was for me this week with the term DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscles Soreness). Never heard of it a week ago. Now it’s everywhere- including in my lower back, butt, thighs and shoulders. Oh yes, not only have I learned a new acronym, and noticed several social media posts from people complaining about it, but I’m living it. In fact, I would say that yesterday, I was hobbling it. Now I have had this before. I just didn’t know it had its own dinky name.

This week’s affliction is a result of back-to-back Grit Plyo and CXWorx sessions (30 mins each) after a two week break. I love these classes but unfortunately there are very few of them on offer so generally I do them twice a month – yes they run weekly but I don’t always make them. I have on occasion run 10km before GRIT though not recently. And I’ve never felt stiff or sore afterwards. I haven’t looked like the people in the videos either mind you. However, this week marked a new version of both classes so I guess that change-up/out was enough to leave me two and three days later with DOMS or as I think of it ‘feeling like an 80-year-old’. Actually, I really hope I feel fitter than I have the past few days if I make it to 80!

DOMS aside, if you’re new year’s resolution is to go to the gym more – or at all – I think GRIT and CXWorx are the perfect compliment to running. H.I.I.T plyometric routines in the former boost athletic performance, and core strengthening is the main focus of the latter. Both really give the whole body a good old work out (so my good old body has been telling me for three days) but are only 30 mins each.

I’m hoping that by tomorrow I’ll feel supple and energetic enough to do parkrun. And then next week, to go to the gym again. It’s got to be easier second time around, right?


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